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MST Group, January 2012: (l-r) Amir Abolhasani Niazi, Rolf Isele-Holder, Brooks Rabideau, Marcus Schmidt, Animesh Agarwal, Ahmed E. Ismail, Simon Adorf
Our group uses advanced molecular simulation and high-performance techniques to explore the behavior of complex materials at interfaces for the production of tailor-made fuels and other industrial and biomedical applications.

07.11.2012: Congratulations to Andrew Crothers, who received a third-place award (from over 250 posters!) for his work on "Viscosity of the Ionic Liquid 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride" at the AIChE Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh. Congratulations also to Wayne Mitchell, whose UROP summer work was included in a recent publication in the
Journal of Chemical Physics.

08.09.2012: Congratulations to Rolf Isele-Holder, who has received the Friedrich-Wilhelm Prize 2012 for outstanding master's theses!

01.07.2012: Welcome to our four summer visitors: Andrew Crothers (NCSU), Wayne Mitchell (Loyola), Sean Grove (Cornell), and Patrick McCarthy (Gonzaga).

15.03.2012: Prof. Ismail will be the next speaker of the Aachen Center for Young Researchers (

01.02.2012: Daniel Tameling joins the MST group on a collaborative project with Prof. Paolo Bientinesi.

20.07.2011: Rolf Isele-Holder and Marcus Schmidt will join the MST group as doctoral students at the start of the upcoming Winter Semester.

20.06.2011: We'd like to welcome Xi Luan, a visiting student taking part in RWTH's UROP International Program, to the MST group for the summer.

20.04.2011: Rolf Isele-Holder has joined the group as a Diplom student working on the thesis topic: "Establishing a link between COSMO-RS and MD simulations."

01.02.2011: Dr. Jeff Hammond of Argonne National Labs will visit the group later this month as part of a visit to RWTH as a lecturer in the AICES EU Regional School.

23.07.2010: Amir Niazi has joined the group as a doctoral candidate studying the thermodynamics of dense electrolytic media.

05.07.2010: Dr. Brooks Rabideau has joined the group as a postdoctoral associate working on transport properties of ionic liquid—cellulose mixtures.

25.05.2010: Dr. Nikolaj Georgi from MPI Leipzig will give a research seminar on “Ionic Liquids at Electrified Interfaces: Insights from Simplified Models and New Algorithms for Computation of Electrostatic Interactions,” on 08.06.2010 at 11.45 in the AICES Seminar Room (Rogowski, Room 115).

17.05.2010: The previously advertised Postdoc/doctoral positions have been filled. We are currently looking for undergraduate workers (“HiWis”).