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Marcus Schmidt

AICES Doctoral Fellow/Multiscale approaches to mechanical contact problems

Dipl.-Tech. Math., TU München (2010)

Co-supervised by Roger Sauer (AICES)

Location: Schinkelstrasse 2, Room 431a
Phone: +49 (0)241 80-99138


Contact mechanics is an important and active field in the engineering sciences studying natural and engineering processes occurring when two or more physical bodies touch. These processes range from the development of nanomaterials with certain desired properties development to adhesion. Contact mechanics also plays a major role in several experimental measurement techniques and processes, including nano-indentation and Atomic Force Microscopy. As a computational field, problems of mechanical contact currently require efficient and accurate physical models for studying the processes that occur when two bodies are in contact.

The goal of my project is to develop a framework for the transfer of relevant parameters obtained from molecular simulations to continuum mechanics. Here, particular attention is payed to contact scenarios involving polymeric surfaces. In the long term, the results of this work could be used for the optimization of surface topologies with respect to friction, mechanical contact, or heat transfer.
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Indenter (blue sphere) pressing down on polymer brush (red chains).

M. Schmidt
, R. A. Sauer, and A. E. Ismail